Which Electricity Supplier is Right for You?

the process can sometimes be time consuming

If you are a homeowner and want to switch over to a new electricity supplier, you should be aware that the process can sometimes be time consuming. There are two main types of tariffs that you can choose from when you start looking for an energy supplier. These are direct electricity suppliers and dual fuel retailers. While both offer similar deals to you, the only real difference is which one offers the better deal. This article will briefly go through all the aspects of both of these types of energy suppliers and help you make the right decision on who to choose.

Switching meters, sending your bills to a new home and changing energy suppliers are some of the basic things you need to do when you decide to move house. One of the easiest ways to begin this process is by contacting your current gas supplier and asking them if they would be prepared to alter your existing gas meter point so it matches the new residence. In many cases they can accommodate this change for free or at very minimal costs. If they cannot provide you with an accommodation, other options are to contact the gas company’s customer service and request a transfer.

contacting your electricity supply

Another option to consider is contacting your electricity supply provider and requesting that they send out a meter point of use sticker to your new address. This sticker should be attached to the meter point when the meter reaches your property and can also be stuck on the wall. You will need to have this sticker in place before you switch meters as otherwise the new supplier will try and take over your meter. This will not only affect your invoice but may stop you enjoying any advantages of switching to their energy supplier.

Other issues to consider when switching energy suppliers is whether you can continue to get a gas supply if you move home. If your gas supplier provides this facility with their existing network, it may be worth asking them if they will allow you to continue to use this gas until you move. It may also be worth contacting your gas supplier and asking them whether they offer any guarantees relating to their current supply. Some suppliers will guarantee to continue to supply you with gas for a specified period of time after you have switched, whereas some will not. A good gauge of how likely you are to be able to continue to enjoy this service, will be how many customers you currently have with them.

electricity from one of their wind farms

The final consideration is whether you would like to be connected to a “green” supplier. Many of the modern electricity suppliers now offer a green energy plan to their customers, although they do vary considerably in the level of commitment they show. Generally, it is worth meeting with any prospective green energy suppliers in order to find out more about the level of commitment they have in helping you reduce your electricity bill. For example, some companies may offer a reduced rate if you source your electricity from one of their wind farms. If this is the case then ask them how much of your electricity will come from these wind farms and from other alternative energy sources as well.

With all this choice and variety, it can be very confusing to work out which electricity supplier is right for you and your household. In order to get the best advice possible it is worth talking to people you know who are already regular electric consumers. Asking around is a great way to build up knowledge about which type of company is best for you. Even if they cannot give you any tips or advice about which electricity supplier to choose, they may be able to give you information that could help you work out your own requirements. Asking around will also enable you to fully understand the terms of your particular renewable energy agreement.

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