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What to Do If You Are the Victim of Sexual Harassment in a New York Job Application!

If you are harassed in the workplace, it’s important that you take action as quickly as possible to protect your legal rights and obtain compensation. Harassment is often used as a power play by an employer against an employee. It is illegal and an employer may legally subject an individual to a hostile work environment for that kind of harassment. What you need to do, obviously, is to get an attorney who can explain to you why your harassment is unlawful.


In today’s day and age, many people are suffering at the hands of abusive bosses, co-workers and even fellow employees. The Internet has provided many individuals with the ability to easily report their colleagues for harassment either through social media, email, chat rooms, websites, and text messaging. While many people think they can report back on their own experiences, if their boss or authority figure decides to go after them, it’s wise to have a strong representative such as an Attorney to step in and help you seek damages. This is where a skilled Attorney will come in to assist you.

Often times, victims of sexual harassment in the workplace don’t realize that they have a case because they do not understand what steps to take. A skilled sexual harassment attorney understands how to navigate the legal system and knows what documentation to gather before filing a case with the appropriate authorities. He or she also knows how to speak to management and the victim to ensure that the victim does not feel trapped or harassed further.


It is crucial to remember that in the state of New York there is no such thing as an “employee’s right to be offended.” Therefore, it is critical to understand that if you are ever subjected to any form of sexual harassment in New York City, whether it is from another employee or a third party, you have the right to seek recourse. This is why you should not feel intimidated or scared in any way. If you feel that this has happened to you at any point in time, you should immediately consult an Attorney so that you can seek any appropriate compensation. Additionally, if your case involves a discrimination claim, you may even need an Attorney. While it is true that the New York State Employment Development Department requires employers to eliminate all forms of sexual harassment, employers are allowed to continue using hostile working conditions as long as they can show that the new employment was a result of an actual employees’ decision or action.

If your complaint involves any type of sexual harassment in a New York City workplace, you should not remain quiet. An Attorney should inform you and the opposing party that you are legally entitled to a sexual harassment and hostile work environment investigation. During this investigation, the Attorney will determine if there is indeed a valid claim that you were subjected to any form of harassment or if the company is responsible for the conduct. A competent sexual harassment attorney will know exactly what kind of evidence that needs to be gathered to provide you with the results that you deserve. Not only do competent attorneys know exactly how to present your case, but they also know how to deal with companies that are trying to fight any claim that you may have.


It is important to remember that any type of sexual harassment or advances that is made towards a prospective employee in a New York City workplace may constitute a case against the employer. Therefore, even if there are only isolated incidents of sexual harassment in your job application or daily operations, it is imperative that you report any such advances or acts to your Attorney as soon as possible. Your Attorney should notify the employer within 48 hours of the date that you were subjected to any form of conduct or advance. If your employer fails to comply with this request, you can sue them in court. The results of a successful lawsuit can help you recoup the expenses that you have been forced to incur due to your employer’s refusal to take the complaints seriously.

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