What is Water Savvy Solution?

Water Savvy SEO, What Can it Do For You?

What is Water Savvy Solution and how does it compare to other SEO tools such as SpyFu, Open Site Explorer, Overture Internet Adwords, and Traffic Travis? The unique technology stack of Water Savvy Solution consists of:

Google Global Web Page Tag

With Google Global Web Page Tag you can create links from your site to your competitor sites with a few clicks. Once you have created the link, it will appear in the Google engine search results thus giving water-savvy SEO a boost. The second benefit of using Google Tag is you can have your water-savvy adverts appear in locations where people looking for your product or service may be located. How is this different than having your site listed in a local area? Simply because you have now created a ‘virtual location’ on the internet which gives your site more potential exposure.

Google Universal Analytics

Google Universal Analytics is Google’s measurement tool for website visits. It tells you the number of visits to a website – in thousand of all visitors – which also tells you information about the user’s age, gender, and country of origin. Water Savvy SEO will find this useful because we know that younger people, particularly students are more internet savvy. In addition, the fact that they may visit your site from school or college, where they use public transport means that your Water Savvy SEO will work better. Finally, it tells you the average time a visitor stays on your site which will provide you with a good indication of your ROI.

Google Universal Analytics

provides total information about site visitors including the number of pages they view. It shows you information about where your traffic came from and where they went after leaving your site. All is well and good but how does it compare to other tools such as Google Global Site Tag and Google Analytics? Water Savvy SEO indeed turns its hand to information to ensure that its users focus not just on your site’s content and design but also make an effort to help conserve our water resources.

In terms of effectiveness

Google is right to point out the need to save water. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Water Savvy SEO can “improve the awareness of web surfers about water conservation and their role in helping to protect the environment”. Google has developed its own set of Water Savvy keywords and phrases which have been carefully worked upon by a team of water-saving specialists, including an expert SEO writer. These words have been chosen with particular relevance to different audiences. For instance, when considering a purchase of a coffee shop, Water Savvy (previous name of Zephyrhills) would be a more appropriate search term than Water Efficient. This suggests to Google that Water Savvy SEO is more relevant to a coffee shop owner than Water Efficient SEO would be.

Google’s initiative is still in developmental stages

with full deployment due sometime after the end of 2021. It will most likely be featured alongside the other established water-saving keywords and phrases already in use by websites. As well as providing a means of diverting people towards online stores that specialize in water-saving products, Google’s Water Savvy will also encourage online landscape owners to feature this on their websites. Many landscape developers have already shown a keen interest in this development, with many developing website templates specifically for Water Savvy SEO. In the longer term, Water Savvy may even become an industry standard, paving the way for further developments in this area. In the meantime, Google is already well ahead of the game, and websites outside Google’s product range are already featuring this innovative technology.

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