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what are The Benefits and Dangers of Blue Light Glasses?

The Benefits and Dangers of Blue Light Glasses

For years, eye doctors have recommended blue light glasses for individuals with glaucoma. While this is still the standard treatment for glaucoma, the newest research suggests that it could be helpful for individuals with cataracts as well. Why should you use blue light glasses for glaucoma? Let’s look at the facts.

When you receive most of your visual exposure from the sunlight

when outdoors, we humans are getting less exposure today than ever before when they return indoors from their computers. This increased outdoor light exposure has many eye health professionals concerned about the effects it may have on our eyes. Because people are spending more time indoors working on their computers, playing games, and watching television, it is possible that our bodies are being subjected to more artificial light than ever before.

There are several different reasons

why you may want or need blue light glasses for your glaucoma. The primary one is to reduce the glare on your computer screens. When you have your lenses cleaned and you no longer encounter the glare from computer monitors, you may notice a difference in the way that your eyes perceive things. It may be harder to focus and read because of the light that is reflected off of your monitors. Having the proper lenses can eliminate this problem.

Another reason to wear blue light glasses for glaucoma

is to improve your vision. The human eye can adjust and adapt so that it is better able to see things that are nearby and not far away. However, some people experience a tremendous amount of glare from computer screens, which causes them to need to wear extra lenses so that they can better handle the amount of light that is reflected off of their screen.

If you suffer from glaucoma

you must see an optometrist frequently. When you have glaucoma, the optic nerves become damaged. Without the proper treatment, your vision can begin to deteriorate. Your optometrist can perform cataract surgery so that your vision can get better. However, he or she will also be able to prescribe you blue light glasses if you want to do so.

Although there are many benefits associated

with blue light glasses for glaucoma, they should not be used as a replacement for contact lenses. You should also not use them if you suffer from eye fatigue or any type of visual impairment. To improve your vision without the use of corrective aids, you will need to make sure that you are getting plenty of sleep each night. You can find out more about the benefits of wearing these glasses at an optometrist’s office. You can also find out more about the dangers of artificial light at W.P. Carey University.

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