tips for the Best Home Karaoke Machine Party!

Party At Home For the Best Home Karaoke Machine Party!

So you say you want to host a party At Home, but you don t know what to do? Well, I had a similar dilemma some time back and then I found this really helpful. Party At Home is a hosting club with a few different steps to hosting the perfect party. If you have been wondering how to throw a party the right way, then I urge your continued reading.


Step One: Pick a Theme for the At Home Wine Tastings Party

While the primary objective was of course to get some friends over for a new home, a second objective was to see if a certain wine enthusiast would enjoy his at-home parties. He does t just drink red wine, he does not even drink the watered-down fruit juice at home parties that are so popular. So it was important to get him involved in the party themes, in fact, he was one of the first people that signed up after I released my book and video series. I think he loved it.


Step Two: Decide on a Theme For the Decorations

and Food Guests will arrive wearing their favorite costumes from the movie, Themed Parties is fun to host and guest. After the guests settle in, we play some karaoke music that will get their spirits up. After the karaoke music is over, our “Master of Disaster” DJ will come on and play a selection of our favorite bad boy movie themes and more. Some guests tend to be non-believers and will not be comfortable singing along to our selections of songs, while others will hum along with a contented smile on their faces. Our guest of honor always seems to love these At Home Party themes, she has so much fun, that I think it’s her “Signature Party Theme.” The guests arrive and she has her candles and alcohol, ready to whip them up into a dance mix that is sure to put the kids to sleep.


Step Three: Decorate for the Karaoke Party

The best home karaoke party themes are ones that have lots of good decorations. When the guests arrive, they will all be decked out in their best costume from the movie or the costume party that is currently in progress. Then we will begin playing some of our favorite bad boy karaoke music that our guests are sure to love and enjoy. After our guests have danced their hearts out, we will play our own selection of karaoke songs and will encourage them to clap and sing along with us.


Step Four: Snoopy Says: Our fourth At Home Party Theme

is a Halloween Theme. Everyone gets a scare wig and costume and we all dress up in our best Halloween gear. Our guest of honor will walk around with a basket of goodies that he can give out to the kids, and everyone else will follow him in his basket as he sings and dances his way around the room.


Finally, our fourth party theme

is one that we personally invented for our own daughter. We took her friends to a sleepover that we threw and had them perform some of their favorite songs like “Famous Mothers”. After the girls went to bed, we opened up the karaoke machine and began to play the classic rock hits that we had saved from our old VHS player. So, our fourth At Home Party went over very well, and we were so glad that our little girl was able to come along and join in with the fun.

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