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The Concept Behind Energy Harvester

Energy, in mechanics, the capacity for performing work with the use of a particular input of time and/or energy. In simple terms it can exist in mechanical, kinetic, potential, thermal, electrical, chemical, atomic or other different forms. There are also, besides, work and heat i.e., the energy within the process of movement from one body to other. Energy appears to be a kind of a cross over of matter and force, i.e., it is neither only a product nor a commodity. Because it can be of many different kinds there must be different ways of obtaining it. If energy is regarded as a product, then there must be different ways of acquiring it and one of these ways is by use of the Earth’s magnetic fields.


There have been several theories formulated in order to explain the source and distribution of energy. The most common of these theories is that developed by J.S. bargaining aboard an experimental sailing ship. According to this theory, energy is produced when a metal plate is put in motion by a powerful magnetic force. Because the force that produced the motion also generated a quantity of heat, this new source of energy was called by the term magnetic energy.

Another theory that has been proposed is the one that relates the distribution of energy to the nature of matter. Here, it is assumed that if energy is used to generate a magnet, then similar energy will be produced when the same magnet is used to move other things such as, in this case, a magnet would be used to move another magnet. This theory is also useful in explaining the production of heat. Heat energy is believed to be produced by bodies that contain high amounts of free-energy. On the other hand, this energy is also believed to be produced by bodies that are less dense and have their own source of independent energy, so it could be either way; the theory regarding the distribution of energy does not state which one is true.


These two theories can help scientists explain the phenomenon of magnetic power. In fact, there has been a lot of progress made in this field and numerous experiments are already underway. Scientists have theorized that the harnessing of energy can be done through the application of magnetic power. If they are right about it, we might soon see an end to all the electricity bills and blackouts. However, there are still some uncertainties involved since the study of magnetic fields is still in its early stage.

Scientists have already created devices that are capable of transferring energy to a certain location. For this reason, energy harnessing may just be around the corner. What’s good about this theory is that we have something that is working even if we don’t know the main source of the energy. Although the science behind energy harnessing is not yet complete, there are already machines that can transfer energy without difficulty.


Once this discovery is realized, perhaps we can eliminate the need for oil, gas and other artificial energy sources. It is also possible that the prices of electricity will decrease once this idea becomes popularized. All these things are great news for the global economy as well as for the environment. Although energy harnessing may not be able to completely eliminate all the energy sources such as coal, petroleum, nuclear energy and others, it can certainly help in reducing global energy demand.

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