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Switching to Fuel Tariff Contract

Switching to fuel tariff contract can be a good idea if you want to get a cheaper energy deal. While dual fuel deals are convenient, it can also be cheaper to switch suppliers. Before you switch, you should compare energy rates from several suppliers. Selectra can help you switch suppliers and get the best deal available in your area. You can call them for free or leave your contact details for a call back later.

Good Way To Save Money

A dual fuel tariff contract is a good way to save money on energy costs. These contracts have different rates for electricity and gas during peak times. This means you’ll pay a higher rate during the day. At night, you’ll be able to take advantage of lower electricity and gas rates. There are many dual fuel tariffs available, including a cheaper option called Economy 7. The Economy 10 tariff gives you ten hours of electricity and gas a day, split evenly between afternoon and night. The process of switching to a dual fuel tariff contract is easier than you think. All you need is your postcode and details from your most recent electricity and natural-gas bills.

Cooling-off Period

In Ireland, energy contracts are usually 12 months long and come with an early exit fee. This is generally around EUR50 per fuel. However, all suppliers must provide a cooling-off period of 14 days, which means that you are not obliged to stay with a provider for the full twelve-month contract. Thus, if you’re not sure if you want to switch to a different tariff, it’s best to stick to a fixed contract until you’ve had sufficient time to make your decision.

Switching To A Dual-fuel Tariff

When switching to a dual-fuel tariff contract, you can get a better price than the previous one. In addition to saving money, dual-fuel tariffs are also more convenient because they are cheaper during nighttime. If you’re planning to switch your gas and electricity supply, you should choose the best deal available. It’s important to remember that a dual-fuel tariff contract is cheaper than a single-fuel contract, but you should consider all options before you make your decision.

In Summary

As an alternative to switching to a dual-fuel tariff contract, you can switch to a dual-fuel contract. This type of tariff allows you to use gas and electricity from a single supplier and has a corresponding lower price than a single-fuel contract. Changing suppliers can be costly, and the new deal may be better for you. A dual-fuel tariff is a good option if you need both gas and electricity at night.

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