Sunglasses Protection From UV Exposure

Eyes needs protection agains UV rays

Sun glasses or sunglasses are a type of protective eyewear specifically designed to keep the eyes protected against high-energy, bright sunlight and harmful ultra-violet light. This type of eyewear is commonly used by people as their only form of protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Sunglasses are usually made of a hard plastic material that protects the eyes when they are not in use. There are various types of eyewear for the protection of the eyes, including sunglasses.

Sunglasses today come in different styles, designs, shapes and even color. There are eyeglass lens varieties that block 100% of Ultra-violet (UV) rays while providing protection to the eyes from other harmful radiations. There are also eyeglass lens varieties that offer a high level of protection against heat and UVA/UV rays while providing no protection against cold and heat. In addition, there are eyeglass lens varieties that provide full UV ray protection.

Sunglasses can be worn on sunny days to reduce the glare on streetlights

The most common sunglasses used to combat excessive sunlight are polarized sunglasses. Polarized lenses are designed to filter the sunlight by using two independent crystals that are placed in opposite corners of the lens. The two crystals filter the sunlight so that only the part of the electromagnetic wave that has the tendency to cause photo excitation is blocked. A pair of sunglasses with this feature will block up to 97% of the sunlight.

When you are out walking in the sunshine, it is advisable to wear sunglasses to prevent your eyes from the harmful Ultra-violet rays and heat. However, if you wear polarized sunglasses, the rays of the sun will still enter your eyes but will be partially blocked. The portion of the spectrum of Ultra-violet rays and heat will not enter your eyes through the polarized lens. As a result, your eyes are protected from the harmful effects of the sun.

Choose sunglasses with tinted lenses for protection

Tinted sunglasses are often used by athletes and people whose vision is greatly impaired. The tint allows some portion of the sunlight to filter through, reducing the glare. Tinted sunglasses are available in both hard and soft lenses. Although the sunglasses are difficult to find, they are becoming popular because they are stylish and offer high contrast with the surrounding environment. However, tinted contact lenses are not a good alternative for people who suffer from vision impairment as the tinted part blocks most of the light, which makes seeing extremely difficult.

There are also sunglasses that have polarized or mirrored lenses, both of which reduce the amount of reflectivity. Polarized or mirrored sunglasses are useful in preventing the reflection of reflected light on the surface of the sunglasses. Polarized or mirrored sunglasses have the highest levels of anti-reflective properties, which make them perfect for near-shore water sport activities. According to Dr. David Katz, “if you look closely, almost all sunglasses have some reflective element – it’s just tiny amounts that are not visible to the human eye.”

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