Saving Money on Electricity With No Tolls and Tariffs

Energy suppliers also called energy service providers or power delivery companies, are private corporations that have the infrastructure and the technology necessary to generate electricity using various energy sources. They extract energy from different suppliers and deliver it to customers, either in the form of direct current (AC) or alternating current (DC.) When a utility company sells power to you, it exchanges AC energy with DC energy. This exchange of energy takes place at your meter. The electricity you pay for is the amount of AC energy that exchanges with DC energy. If you don’t pay for energy, it simply sits in your meter.


In essence, energy markets function on demand.

When you request electricity, your meter tells the power plants which capacity they will produce and at what rate. When they produce more than they’re allowed to supply, the surplus is given to you. And if the rate at which they sell power is higher than the rate at which they buy it, they receive a rebate.


With deregulation, electricity rates and prices

have skyrocketed over the past few years. Consumers are frustrated because they can no longer count on their electric suppliers to keep prices stable. With deregulation, energy suppliers can freely charge their customers whatever they want-and consumers pay for this price increase. Unfortunately, because deregulation has occurred in all the states across the country, there’s not been an effective way for consumers to fight these prices.


There was one way that consumers

could help counteract the increasing cost of electricity: join the Utility Solidarity Campaign. This organization formed in 2021 when two out of three utility companies decided to de-propose the rate increases that they were planning to enact. By doing this, they avoided raising the rates for anyone, even more so than they would for people who signed up to receive electricity from their utilities. These rate increases would have hurt low-income families the most. By signing up for the Utility Solidarity Campaign, you can help prevent the closure of your local utility company, as well as the rise in your monthly bills.


By not paying your utility company

for the increasing cost of electricity, you’re actually helping the energy industry by preventing the closure of your local utility company. This allows for competition within the energy industry since there is no longer a monopoly. It also allows for a free market for consumers to choose the energy suppliers that they want to do business with. If you decide that you don’t want to be connected to your energy supplier any longer, that’s your choice-there isn’t anyone forcing you into it. You can make your own independent decision and stand up for yourself against those energy suppliers that are trying to take advantage of you and your money.


By taking action now

you can take a stand for yourself and the future of the planet. Get on the “No wires” bandwagon and begin to fight for yourself and your family’s future. There are many energy suppliers out there, but not all of them have your best interests at heart.

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