Renewable Energy – Can it Work?

The other day I was at the library looking up renewable energy and I came across an interesting article about nuclear energy and the fact that it is now obsolete. I was really surprised that the author writes such books and seems to know so much about this subject matter. Well, if it is so popular why do we all doubt the experts and the scientists? It appears to me that there are a few reasons and I would like to discuss them with you today in hopes that you can help me make some people think about alternative energy resources.

Renewable Energy


Renewable energy resources, as mentioned by the author of the article below, are those fuels which are based on the concept of perpetual motion. How does this work you ask? Think of a steam turbine, which runs forever producing power. Now, since this is not possible in real life I have to assume that this is merely a theory that cannot be applied to real life but rather merely a dream of a scientist. It also must be noted that the author does not consider the possibility of a nuclear power plant using these types of resources, so this argument falls apart in my opinion.

Renewable Energy

So, while I do agree that renewable energy is a great thing and will be around for a very long time, it appears to me that there are a few points missing from the conversation. For one renewable energy does not work well on a large scale right now due to the scarcity of fossil fuels. It also appears that there simply aren’t the resources to use right now. Alternative energy resources still have a long way to go but they will be ready in the near future and perhaps sooner than we realize. Perhaps you will please consider this in 2021.

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