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the traditional eyewear market

Prescription Eyewear has taken the traditional eyewear market by storm over the last couple of decades. The main reason for this is the impact of technology on the eyewear industry. Technology like glasses can now be purchased by anyone with a prescription and they no longer have to go to a optician to get them, thanks to the internet.

Prescription eyewear can range from clip-ons, goggle like lenses or full frames. The most common ones are the clip-ons. Clip-ons are available for people with mild to severe glaucoma as well as those who wear contact lenses. Clip-ons are easy to use and provide decent vision, though not as sharp as those lenses or spectacles. Many people find it easier to use clip-ons than the more rigid frames and lenses.

prefer wearing glasses

It’s natural for some people to prefer wearing glasses rather than clip-ons. Though if you suffer from severe glaucoma you may want to switch to prescription eyewear. Glaucoma is a disease of the eye characterized by damage to the optic nerve. Once damage occurs, it becomes extremely painful, causing you to lose your peripheral vision and eventually make it impossible to perform normal tasks. It can even be fatal. Vision rehabilitation is one way to treat glaucoma and to prevent vision loss.

As an alternative to prescription eyewear there are also progressive lenses that allow more of your vision to be seen at a lower level. This type of lens gives a higher prescription than a regular one but also comes with a longer term solution called PRK (platelet rich plasma) in order to strengthen your eye and help repair the damage that has been done. These can be worn for a long time, sometimes up to 40 years, and have shown to reduce eye degeneration and vision problems. The biggest disadvantage to progressive lenses is the cost of the contacts. They are usually between $200 and $300 each.

prescription glasses also have anti-scratch

In recent years many companies have designed prescription eyewear just for men. Polarized sunglasses are perfect for men that don’t face sunlight very much. These sunglasses have a special coating on them that reduces glare and lets you see better in bright sunlight. Some of these glasses come with a built-in tumbler which allows you to put the sunglasses down for a while and protect your contact lenses from moisture and dirt. Some prescription glasses also have anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings to reduce the effects of these common eye problems.

Vision therapies can also be performed with the help of prescription eyewear. This may include Lasik eye surgery and other corrective surgeries. An example of a vision therapy that can be performed with prescription eyewear is pupillary distance. This is a form of prescriptive surgery that corrects short-sightedness and farsightedness by increasing the amount of light that a patient can see at different distances. There are several ways to purchase prescription glasses online.

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