Flower Strains

Hand Trimmed Flower Strains For The Perfect Cup

There are many different types of flower strains, and many are more suited for smoking than smoking. But, before you start looking for a new hand-tuned, or hybrid, make sure you do the appropriate research. For example, an Indica strain will likely be easier on your lungs if you aren’t already an experienced smoker. So, when you’re browsing online, look for the term “indica” in the ingredient list and browse to the sites that describe the various types of hand-tuned strains.


Research Before Buying

Most companies that sell flowers online base their selections on old information about which flower buds are most suited for inhalation. Since some cannabis users are still exploring their options regarding marijuana, companies may incorrectly claim that their brand is specifically for new users. If you’re a regular user of a certain brand of flower, and you want to try something else, it’s always a good idea to find out which types are recommended for smoking cannabis.


Some popular types of hand-tuned,

or hybrid, strains include Lemon Haze, Lemon Sicily, Frenchies, Hawaiian, Lemon Dancer, and Motiva. Most users who smoke pre-rolls or crumble can get satisfaction from a hybrid strain. However, don’t rely strictly on internet reviews to determine that the rollers are right for you. Instead, ask other cannabis users for advice. They may have tried a particular brand and can recommend it to you.


Cannabidiol, or CBD,

is the compound in cannabis that produces the “high.” Many users claim that they get more alert and focused after using CBD, and they enjoy the flower’s calming effect. However, CBD is not the only compound that makes the pre-roll great. Other compounds can make the pre-roll more flavorful. But, it’s important to note that the dominant compound, CBD, reduces the amount of THC, which produces the cannabis “high.”


Sweet Potassium is a balancing blend of three flavors,

including Sweet Marjoram, a sour flavored coffee strain; French Vanilla, an uplifting daytime strain; and French Vanilla Cream, a nighttime favorite. Each cup of sweet potato features two flavors, making each cup unique. If you prefer your coffee, try Sweet Potatoes; if you like uplifting daytime strains, try French Vanilla. If you want a high-end blend, try French Vanilla with Sweet Marjoram.


When choosing your strains,

keep in mind that they will differ depending on what you prefer. The high content of CBD makes these strains highly effective for beginners who need a short-term effect. For those who like the daytime sensation, try Hawaiian or French Press, which has a lower amount of CBD. But, even if you’re new to buying hand-trimmed cannabis, you’ll soon discover which strains are the perfect choice for you!