Eyelash Extension: Make Your Eyes Stand Out!

Eyelash extensions when properly applied by an expert and qualified professional

Eyelash extensions, also called false eyelashes, are an effective and semi-permanent solution for increasing the appearance of thick, natural eyelashes without the use of mascara. Eyelash extensions when properly applied by an expert and qualified professional, are a safe method to increase the length and volume of natural eyelashes. However, when improperly applied or using the wrong glue, they can often cause infection, irritation, and even permanent lash loss. That is why it is important to only apply eyelash extensions to those with strong, properly fitted eyelashes, in order to prevent further damage to the eye.

As Eyelash Extension NY is one of the most reputable clinics in the industry, it is easy to find testimonials from satisfied customers like “abby-sexy”, “thick as glue”, “made my eyes bleed”, and “longer than my eyelashes!” Eyelash Extension NY has been providing exceptional service to both men and women in the cosmetics industry for more than 10 years, says Sherrille Shuster, Eyelash Extension NY’s Owner and Director. She attributes her success to following best professional and customer guidelines, including testing each kit before applying it to test for allergic reactions. Also, she says she uses only FDA-approved eyelash growth products and adhesives to make sure that her clients are completely satisfied with their results.

blend them together to create natural looking eyelash growth

To begin the process of having Eyelash Extension NY performed, you will be placed in a reclining chair with your eyes open. The technician will then place sterile gauze on your eyes and begin trimming your false eyelashes to the desired length. He or she will then carefully apply the eyelash growth serum, which will help the lashes grow and stick together better. Eyelash Extensions NY has an experienced team of technicians who provide all-natural lash extensions at their facility. The artists will carefully trim your false eyelashes so that they do not appear to be too long and will also blend them together to create natural looking eyelash growth.

Once all trimmed lashes are in place, the technician will apply a semi-permanent glue strip on your eyelashes. This semi-permanent glue helps your eyelash extension set properly and last for up to one year. Once the glue set, your artist will apply mascara to your eyelashes to achieve a fuller look. To keep the mascara on your lashes, he or she will use an applicator brush.

applying false eyelashes to their own lashes

Eyelash Extensions NY carries many brands of mascara and eyelash growth serums including; Fraxel, Volumizer, Sera, and Lash Grow. The artists recommend that women who wish to use oil-based products on their extensions choose waterproof makeup that is water-resistant. This will help prevent the makeup from coming off once it gets wet. There are also a variety of eye shadow colors to choose from.

Many women find that applying false eyelashes to their own lashes is not a comfortable thing to do. They opt instead to have an Eyelash Extension professional apply the makeup for them. Women who are unsure about the appearance of their eyelashes should visit an Eyelash Extension professional for a consultation. He or she can tell you how many extensions will look best, as well as what kind of lashes will give you the most dramatic look. If you decide to have an Eyelash Extension, it’s important to get the correct application technique so that you do not experience any pain.

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