Best Marketing Strategies for New and Small cannabis Brands

The cannabis industry has witnessed unprecedented transformation

Exponential growth continues unabated without any end in sight. In fact, research reveals that there has been a nearly fourfold increase in Colorado residents aged 21 years and above who are utilizing marijuana or using marijuana more frequently for non-medical purposes. The market is also anticipated to exponentially double to more than $41.5 million by 2025.

While it is true that many young adults have been lured to try cannabis for a “high”, most do not realize that cannabis actually has various therapeutic benefits to offer. Many users also report feeling more alert and focused as a result of ingesting it regularly. However, for the vast majority of us, the idea of marketing cannabis is simply an oxymoron. We do not want to be associated with selling a controlled substance, even one that has been medically proven to help with various medical conditions.

So how exactly do you get around the branding aspect?

Fortunately, the cannabis industry is not short of savvy advertising companies who recognize that the best way to attract consumers is to not brand at all. The current crop of cannabis companies recognizes that consumers do not like to be sold, advertised, and promoted to, yet at the same time they do not want to look like they are being pushed. Thus, most companies have embraced the “non-traditional” approach to marketing cannabis. Companies like Green Tree Media, which has branched out into several other areas, has found a unique and innovative way to market its advertisers and consumers at the same time. Green Tree Media, which was founded in 2005, prides itself on not promoting brands; instead, the company works to connect consumers with the companies that they may be interested in as well as helping them to stay clear of “bad guys”.

While it may be impossible to completely avoid branding when it comes to marketing cannabis, it certainly is possible to get around the issue by marketing to your target audience without resorting to the typical commercial-style advertising. One great example of this type of advertising is using billboard ads. Although there is no way to trademark billboard art, you can legally incorporate graphics from other sources into your own unique advertising, which can greatly increase your chances of success.

effective is marketing themselves via the power of the internet

Another popular strategy that many cannabis businesses have found effective is marketing themselves via the power of the internet. The internet has opened up an entirely new avenue for marketing and advertising that was never before thought to be possible. Through YouTube, blogs, and social media sites such as Facebook, your company can gain a large amount of exposure by posting original videos about your company as well as hosting discussions about your products and services. These types of advertisements are most commonly referred to as “infomercials”, and as you probably know, can generate a lot of free publicity.

If you are a new cannabis brand, you definitely want to consider creating your own website in order to maximize your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Search engines like Google use meta tags and keywords to help determine where a web page ranks on the result pages. By incorporating these types of techniques and strategies into your website, you can greatly increase your chance of being listed high in the search results. This is the most effective way to market your brand right now, especially with social media platforms such as YouTube.

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