Aquaponics – Why Grow Boxes Are Important to Your Vegetable Garden

A grow box is basically a fully or partially enclosed unit

For growing plants indoors or even in small outdoor spaces. Grow boxes are generally used for various reasons, such as lack of space or the desire for to grow exotic flowers, herbs or vegetables during colder months when access to outdoors is limited. As a result, indoor cultivation becomes a popular alternative to outdoor gardening, and the market has now been enriched with a wide variety of grow box designs, features and accessories that have made it easier than ever to find one that meets your specific growing requirements and budget.

Generally, there are two types of grow box systems available on the market. The first is the fully enclosed unit which is designed to grow almost all types of plants, although plants considered not suitable for the temperature control requirements would need an additional cooler box or cabinet. The other kind of grow box is the fully open cabinet which can be fully enclosed or not. These come in different shapes, sizes and designs and most of them already incorporate the basic grow lights and cabinet.

Grow light boxes and cabinets offer various locking

Some growers consider the need to provide some form of protection for their plants during transportation or storage to ensure proper plant protection. Grow light boxes and cabinets offer various locking options that can secure your box from outside influences during storage. The most common locking options include chain locks, handles or latches and are easily accessible for the user. Growers also have the option of including built-in locks or use cabinets with locking devices already attached. If you are looking for an indoor grow box, then lockable options would prove to be more beneficial because they allow better control on access to the grow box during transport.

Most manufacturers offer additional security options for small plants to ensure complete security for the equipment. In this regard, they have the option of integrating a magnetic strip to lock the circuit board or door from outside exposure. This feature will also prevent accidental discharges of excess grow lights or other chemicals contained within the unit. Some grow box manufacturers also offer sensors that trigger the lights to turn on automatically when movement is detected near the unit. This added security measure ensures the protection of your plants and prevents misuse of the grow box by inexperienced users.

Growing plants indoors using grow lights has its advantages

Apart from being able to grow plants more safely and faster than outdoor grown plants, you also get better control over the moisture, temperature and light cycles. You can also save up to 50% of the cost while growing single plants indoors. However, there are also many disadvantages associated with this system; such as limited area for plantation, expensive initial investment, no provision for harvesting or preserving the plant pods, limited number of plants per grow light, etc.

There is an increasing demand for grow boxes due to its environmental friendliness and its benefits to small growing plants farmers. This product comes with a long life warranty and is highly portable. It is also extremely easy to assemble and set up. Therefore, aquaponic gardening has become popular worldwide with both hobbyists and large commercial farmers.

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